Black Book Players

As part of my obsession with promoting the world of Online Sessions, I have set up the world’s first Online Session Drumming agency, Black Book Players.

Initially created to cope with the overflow in my personal recording work, BBP was really popular with drummers and clients alike. The selected drummers love being sent work, and the clients love having some of the best online session drummers out there compete to play on their tracks.

The agency is still in ‘Beta’ mode and I’ve had a ton of requests to add other instrument services which I will get to when I have time.

If you’re in the market for online guitar, bass or vocal tracks I’d be happy to recommend some truly excellent players. Just sling me an email and I’ll introduce you :-)

The Drum Tracks Agency

Following hot on the heels of BBP is the Drum Tracks Agency, a place to get Drum Tracks!

Drum Tutors

If you’re looking for a great drum teacher in the UK, my man Julian’s website is the place you need to go. At the time of writing he has a whopping 272 teachers listed in areas all around the UK:

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