Drum Tracks

If you’re a band, artist, producer or YouTuber looking for drum tracks for your songs, I am very experienced at recording tracks from my studio for folks such as you.

Over the past 4 years I’ve recorded drum tracks for over 100 different clients, including:

  • Bands with no drummer
  • Musicians needing drum tracks to play to live
  • Recording projects of every style from acid jazz to death metal
  • YouTube projects and ‘online bands’
  • Covers bands using the tracks for live and recordings
  • Producers looking for that extra live vibe to make their artists stand out against the flood of MIDI crap out there
  • Hobbyists who want the feeling of jamming with a live drummer on their favourite songs
  • Drum loop libraries

It’s an old cliche but it’s true that no two projects and no two artists are the same. One of the most enjoyable aspects of doing this is constantly getting to work with such a variety of musicians on different projects and coming up with something they’re delighted with.

Testimonials are my favourite part of the job (aside from obviously playing loads of drums), and the majority of my work has always come from repeat business.

Here are a few for your perusal:

Because it can be a big decision to ask someone you’ve never met to play drums on your songs, here are some testimonials from folks who have made the jump…

“The drums came through today, and they’re fooking brilliant! Honestly, they’re perfect.
Thank you so, so much.
I’ll definitely be contacting you in the new year asking for more. I’m a happy man.” – Dan Markland

“Tim is patient, generous, quick to respond, and has an apparently miraculous ability to learn complex time signature changes by ear with quite astonishing speed.” – James Duffy

“The tracks Tim did were great. Dead simple. A quick chat on the phone and he was away. I was initially a little doubtful, but he absolutely nailed it.” – Martin Delgado myspace.com/mataderocinco

“We’re the Sudanese Playboys and went to Tim to work out and record some drum tracks. We spent 2 days with him and the man is brilliant! He learns real fast, is inventive and a joy to work with. The quality of the tracks is first class and he delivers them in double quick time. Can’t praise him or the experience enough.
– J.F, London”

“We’re very pleased with Tim’s service. He is both reliable and competitive. The recordings are first class and we look forward to having Tim in our band for many years!” – C.W, Reading

“We are very happy with what you did for us both speed of service and quality, and friendliness and flexibility.” – Glenn Synowski

“Tim was an excellent choice for us at a time when we didn’t have a drummer. He would lay down a cool initial drum track and then be happy to alter it as many times as needed (don’t worry it wasn’t many) until he had a track that we loved. Once that was done he would then send over excellent quality tracks (individual) in our case to use for our recordings.
Tim can take up any challange, even managing to interpret my non drumming terms for what I wanted (‘make it sound like you are tapping your fingers on a desk type sound’) and make them sound great! If you haven’t got a drummer don’t settle for midi mediocrity when Tim can lay down fully live and great sounding drums for you. I recommend…” – Simon Tongue

“Hey! can we say a big thank you to Tim for replacing the midi drums on our backing tracks? Having a real “Live” drums sound has really given our working set a lift, and we’ve since noticed a more postitve response from our audiences! Tim has replaced over 55 of our midi drum tracks this year, and we now consider him to be a part of the band! We play in a function duo, and hence cover a lot of genres / styles etc ranging from the 1950’s up to present day. Tim has managed to learn and record all of our drum tracks with speed and ease. He is friendly, witty, knowledgeble, patient and above all else, Willing and Able to transform your Live Set!” – Joe Tyrie

“We’re massive Zeppelin fans but when we looked for a drummer to record our EP we wanted something more modern. Tim effortlessly found the perfect modern grooves and excecuted them with the weight of Bonhams hand. The sound was massive, in turn we started to sound like the rock n roll band we always new we could be. Tim worked like a fifth member patiently fine tuning and developing each track with the ear of a songwriter and the feel of a limitless drummer.” – Rami Madhon

“Having worked with musicians all around the country via email, I can safely say Tim is by far the most satisfying to work with; he will get the job done very quickly, his rates are very competitive, he will communicate well with you and most importantly he does a fantastic job. Aside from this, he is very friendly and patient and obviously genuinely loves what he does. Tim has now done 2 fantastic drum tracks for a current project of mine and I will most certainly be using him again.” – Chris Rogers

“Tim’s drum tracks are simply amazing. They are tight, bang on everytime and sound absolutely GREAT. The service from Tim was second to none too and it amazed me how fast the turn around was. I loved the fact that Tim played with great musicality and thought and the end result was worth every penny. Using Tims drum tracks will take an average sounding outfit to a whole new level. With Tim as your backbone and beatmaster you’ll sound a whole lot better and blow the roof off..Guaranteed!!!” – Mark Walby

“Tim is an incredible drummer and has been fantastic to work with! His dedication to my music has been second to none and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a versitile drummer without the ego! Thanks again Tim, you’ve blown me away. ;-)” – Arman, Bournemouth

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