Since my first book about Online Session Drumming was published in late 2010, I have been helping other drummers get started in the exciting world of Online Session Drumming.

From building websites, customer service, recording and mixing sweet tracks, making good adverts, choosing gear, setting up your business etc – I’m proud to say my training is the most world’s most popular source of information for drummers on how to earn money doing what they love.

If you’re interested in finding out more and getting started yourself, these are the things I’d recommend, in order:

  1. Getting hold of my book Paid to Play Drums: The World of Online Session Drumming and How to Get Started
  2. Checking out the Project: Drums blog and claiming your Free DVD: A Day in the Life of an Online Session Drummer
  3. Requesting a Paper Thingy about the main Project: Drums 11-DVD and workbook course – email me through the contact page mentioning the Paper Thingy and your address
  4. Joining the Project: Drums Gold Membership and getting my monthly DVD & Newsletter about Online Session Drumming

You can also get my ebook guide to becoming a publicity hungry monster here: A Drummer’s Guide to Getting Publicity in Newspapers and Magazines

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