The Studio

When recording online sessions, I am using the following gear (subject to change according to style):

Drums:¬†Pearl Reference – genuinely the best sounding kit I’ve played

DW & Yamaha Snares

Cymbals: Mixture of Zildjian, Sabian and Dream

Recording: Macbook Pro (OSX Lion) running latest stable version of Logic

Focusrite Saffire 56, Octopre with ADAT card fitted (not the latest plastic-y one, the previous version with the built in limiters & compression!)


  • Kick: AKG D112, Subkick
  • Snare: SM57 & Beta57a/ AKG C451
  • Toms: Audix D2s/Shure Beta 98S / Sennheiser 421
  • Overheads: SE3
  • Hats: AKG C451
  • Room: SE Titan

This is all the same gear (with slight variation) you hear in the videos, and I know it 105% as well as the back of my hand so you are completely assured of delicious sounding drums on your songs.

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